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Green Lantern 2?

July 2, 2011

The site just announced WB’s interest in a Green Lantern sequel, which makes me cringe. There are always difficulties in translating a medium inspired by imagination to caters to all fan factions. Going in bold new directions in a franchise — live-action, who has the strangest dialogue or choosing the exact point in the comic’s lifetime to begin the movies — is always risky. That being said, I think that the decision to cast Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan is a mistake.

Ryan Reynolds is a comedian. A very good comedian, but still a comedian. His Hal Jordan portrayed a history of fear that kept him running away from the opportunties in his life. The Comic Hal Jordan saw his father die and came out of the siutation stronger. If he got through the worst moment in his life, then nothing else could make him afraid.

I understand that portraying heroes as ordinary people connects to fans on a personal level. However, with everything about comic book movies it’s a balancing of the scales kind of thing. Just enough of fanservice, just enough creativity to keep the spark going. Reynolds’ Jordan was a boy. Hal Jordan is a man and should be portrayed as such. Hopefully WB producers will see that and cast a more mature actor to the role (Cough-Nathan Fillion-Cough)


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