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LEGO Star Wars: The TV Show

August 9, 2011


Business has been booming for the LEGO Company. They infused new fire into the Star Wars series by LEGO-izing the six Episodes. That success led to the LEGO conversion to Indiana Jones, Batman and even the Prince Of Persia. Now LEGO is adding another venue to it’s bag of merchandise: TV.

Last night I watched the first episode of LEGO Star Wars. As one might expect it lacks the drama of it’s silver-screen predecessors, but it more than makes up for it with humor. To some the LEGO approach might seem childish, but it is a welcome change to see old characters outside their usual roles. The penultimate moment in the episode is having Yoda complain of how he doesn’t deserve to be entangled in a race to capture important Republic plans. In fact, I was bawling when Yoda went into one of his Force lectures about seeing what could not be seen, only to be surprised by droids in mid-speech. “Open my big mouth too soon, I did.”

Bawling, people. Bawling.

There was a nice moment in the end when the kid saddled with Yoda on the chase turned out to be a young Han Solo. It was like George Lucas giving the audience a wink. It was a nice end to the comedy, which in turn was able to maintain the humor via the dialogue and the way the voice actors played off each other. I would definitely give the second LEGO episode a shot.

LEGO Star Wars is on Fridays on Cartoon Network, 7:30 Eastern time.


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