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New Ultimate Spider Man

August 13, 2011

As much as I’m loath to admit that the Ultimate Universe’s Peter Parker could actually be dead, I have to admit it was a daring move to make on the part of Brain Michael Bendis (forerunner of the Ultimate Spider Man comic), and that, for now, there’s a new Spider Man in town.

However, it just so happens that some new information has surfaced that disturbs me. And before I go any further I want to add that the next few paragraphs didn’t come from any source. These ideas are mine, derived from information I read from online documents. In no way am I defending or rejecting any political standpoint.

Parker’s successor Miles Morales is biracial.  With the current state of affairs between the US and foreign nations, detractors believe that Morales’ biracial nature is in some way a slander to white-skinned heroes. I don’t know the reasons for their outrage, but if I had to guess, I would say the outrage is that they see Miles’ creation is Marvel”s pathetic attempt to cover all the bases, and put a positive spin on international relations. In short, these detractors are angry because they believe that if the political state of affairs weren’t such a public part of our lives, that Miles Morales would never be created in the first place.

I ask again: what is the problem? Spider Man is not about skin color. It’s about using power responsibly. It’s about how the everyman suddenly thrust into a situation where he can make a difference. Parker struggles with debt, gets colds, fights with his wife, eats cheeseburgers just like anybody else. If anything  Parker’s greatest weakness is also his greatest strength: he takes his responsibility too seriously. Then again Spider Man wouldn’t be Spider Man if he picked and chose who was worth saving and who wasn’t.

So Miles Morale is half African-American and half Hispanic. So what? People see what they see. And if people think it’s some sort of political or racial violation having Miles Morales as biracial, then they don’t need to read the book, now do they?


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